Sanat Shrivastava

President of IEHE Alumni Association

An entrepreneur with a passion for education and a knack for Economics, Sanat Shrivastava is the founder, Managing Director and CEO of Ecoholics. Ecoholics is an education initiative to make economics accessible and understandable with an outcome-based approach. His entrepreneur mindset makes him keep searching for new opportunities to bring reforms and innovation in the education industry. He is also the Chairperson of Brint Consulting Group which is a conglomerate of 10+ brands. 

Governing Body

Asawari Savarikar
She is the Co-Founder of Ecoholics, Educator & Environmentalist
Natasha Gogia
Vice President
She is the Company Secretary
Kanak Ahuja
She is the HR Manager at Ecoholics and Brint Consulting Group
Rishabh Ahuja
Joint Secretary
He is a Research Scholar in Organic Chemistry
Second Vice President
She is a Social Worker
Shailja Pandey
Head of Administration
She is an Educator